Postal Connections and your Income Taxes

Documents abound! Federal, state, and local taxes must, as the IRS says, be paid on or around April 15th each year. This year Tax Day is Monday, April 15th.

That means important financial records will need to be compiled and maintained. If you save your info on your computer, that might not be enough. Computer drives are not as reliable as we might think. These important financial records should be hard copied and stored in a safe place.

In fact, the IRS recommends that taxpayers keep individual returns and records for three years because this is the statute of limitations for most individual tax returns unless all taxable income is not reported, then the statute of limitations goes up to six years.

Your local Postal Connections store can be a big help to you during the tax season.

Our copiers and printers will give you clean crisp copies of those tax records. If you are ever subject to an audit, you will want paper copies. Because of this possibility, it is best to retain some records and forms indefinitely.

Your Postal Connections store can also assist with packing your income tax docs and getting them mailed out on time to meet that tax filing deadline.

Postal Connections and your Income Taxes | St. John's, MI

Your local Postal Connections staff can assist with giving you suggestions on the best ways to copy, organize, and store these important documents. And remember, if you need to shred any outdated documents, Postal Connections offers Secure Shredding services at select locations. (Call your local store to for availability.)

Not all stores offer all services, but most stores offer 30+ different services and products to make your business and personal life easier.

Postal Connections is a part of your community and we are here to serve you. Come see us today!